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Pacific Club Resort

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The Difference between the TripAdvisor "Satisfaction Ranking" vs our Actual "Star Ranking"

  • Pacific Club Phuket Resort Hotel IS officially ranked as a 3.5 - 4 Star Resort and priced as a budget 3 Star hotel (we try to deliver over 4). But a lot of Folks give us 5 out of 5 TripAdvisor "Satisfaction Ranking" Circles (they're not really stars) because they feel we offer much more value and good memories compared to competition in our area. The "Star Ranking" which many folks mistake with the TripAdvisor "Satisfaction Ranking" is determined by travel professionals at Expedia the owner of TripAdvisor based on the facilities, services, and other metrix of our Resort (such as pool, sauna, elevator, proper wardrobes, % of public space compared to rooms, etc.). So you'd need a copy of the floorplans for starters to make a proper star rank evaluation of a property.
  • The TripAdvisor “Rank this Hotel” question IS the "Satisfaction Rating" NOT our "Star Rank". The Satisfaction Rank / Index" is mostly based on Guest assessment of how well we met the their expectations compared to: The information we present in our website, Our pricing compared to other properties in our area, Other reviews, and Advertising that we control. That means you could give us all “5″ satisfaction ratings if we met / exceeded your expectations for a 3 star hotel since that’s the rate we charge (and a lot of folks do).
  • Therefore, if you felt we made your holiday enjoyable at a reasonable price, we kindly ask our Guests to give us 5 out of 5 TripAdvisor "Satisfaction Rank Circles". It helps us keep rates down by encouraging folks to find and book directly with us bypassing the commissions we would have to pay if we had to sell our rooms using booking channels such as Expedia who charge us 25% commission. In the end it keeps your rates down for your next stay. Thank You :-) !!
  • DETAILS IN YOUR REVIEW ON TRIPADVISOR WILL HELP PROSPECTIVE GUESTS decide if our resort is the right place for them to stay. Everyone has different needs and therefore we kindly ask you to help prospective guests to make their decision by posting real feelings and information in your text review ( for example: "This resort is not on the beach, but rather on a hill 10 minutes walk from the beach"). This helps to insure we will have nothing but happy guests. THX.
  • Please note that if you take the time to post a review, in many cases Trip Advisor will send a verification mail to confirm you are the real person. So please don’t forget to check that mail and click the verification link or your time will have been wasted.
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