Our Airport - Hotel Transfer Options

The trip from Phuket International Airport to Karon Beach is approximately 1 hour depending on traffic. We kindly suggest you plan travel time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please kindly note when you consider your options, we are small property and operate this service at a financial loss simply for the benefit of our Guests who wish to avoid all hassle at the airport. Therefore our drivers often make the 3 hour roundtrip empty one-way. You may find cheaper options and please feel free to use them, but be careful of taxi touts and commission based tourist scams.

Option A

VIP Private Hotel SUV

Price 950
4 door SUV with leather bucket seats, Seating up to 3 persons with normal luggage (maybe 4 if you don't mind to sit 3 in the back seat). This service is your private vehicle, no waiting, you leave from aiport to our hotel as soon as your baggage arrives.

Option B

We have a Private Minivan for Groups

  Our private 10 passenger mini-van might serve your needs better. You can request to join with other Guests on the same flight or you can request private mini van only. We serve refreshments in the Air-Conditioned van for your comfort.
Price Depends
on your group size
Number of passengers in your group Total Price
4-6 persons 1,200 baht / one way
7-10 persons 1,400 baht / one way
Please note, our mini van service is operated by us only using our own min van, We do not share or use another company. Therefore you are provided with direct service from Airport to us (a bit over 1 hour depending on traffic).
Important Note: The mini van services at the airport which charge around 200 baht person are commission based. Therefore they make numerous stops along the way and normally take around 3-4 hours to reach Karon Beach after they stop to serve passengers who don't already have a hotel booking first. This is because they want the room commissions of 500 baht/night some hotels pay them for moving business to them, most hotels simply add the commission to the rate, You might save money by using those services if you don't mind to waste your time, but we believe such tourist scams are Monkey Business and that's why we operate our own service for the benefit of our Guest convenience.